J A Shugak's Legacy

DOB 5-5-06

Legacy's story begins on Halloween night in 2006 when Chris Carey invited me and a friend Beth Dunn to attend a Halloween party at Janice Boswell's Arabian farm.

It was amazing to see all the horses calmly observing the antics ofstrangely dressed people and weird lights and all kinds of spooky noises,
from their stalls in a large, darkened barn.

Shugaka nd Janicce Boswell

"Shugak and Janice Boswell, his lifelong owner, trainer and partner with whom
he is totally - and forever - incredibly bonded. This was taken on his 30th birthday.
The magnificence of this horse at 30 years of age was remarkable and it is our great pleasure to share in his life through the ownership of his son Legacy."

I learned that night also that Shugak had been the 2004 Arabian Stallion of the
Year and was a consistent top producer in the Arabian tabulations.

Shugak at age 30

In the stall next to Shugak was a 5 month old coltů..cute as could be and watching all the activity with self-assured interest. Beth and I both fell in love with him and within the month, he belonged to Appaloosa Acres.

Legacy at 5 Months

Legacy and Janice
At the Arabian Class A show at 10 mos.

With big brother Spike

In the Ring with Janice

With 'Mom' at the show

He stayed at Janice's until he was gelded and grew to be a lovely Arabian sporthorse prospect.
  Legacy Galloping At Age 22 Months
Legacy at 22 months of age

LEGACY AT 27 Months
Legacy at 27 months of age
Legacy at 27 months of age

Upon being gelded, Legacy visited for a while with Becky Barton to learn herd dynamics and then became a part of the Appaloosa Acres family.

Legacy and Shannon in the Snow

Legacy's Family Heritage

Legacy's Sire - Shugak

Legacy's dam - Shadijah

Legacy's brother - the famous CBS Hobbitt

Legacy's brother Spike as a yearling

Legacys sister Babette

Legacy's sister Babette

Legacy is now in residence with his trainer/now co-owner Melanie Mitchell and is being trained and will be shown as a sporthorse and in dressage. It looks like he will make his father proud as he has tremendous attitude and loves to jump and works beautifully for Melanie.
Melanie trains horses for show and pleasure at her farm in Johnston, SC and gives lessons at
home and at Appaloosa Acres in dressage and other English venues.

Born May 5, 2006, Legacy will hopefully carry on the 'legacy' of his bloodlines.



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